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Naked Salt E-Liquids Review

Naked salt is not just an incredibly delicious flavor, but it also offers some very cool effects. For example, you can add it to a drink and have a blast of coolness. Or you can add it to a sandwich to make it taste even better.

Really Berry

Really Berry by NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid is a tart, tangy e-juice with plump berry fruits and a lemon zesty hint. This e-liquid is a must-try if you’re a fan of berry flavors.

As its name suggests, Really Berry is the best berry flavored e-liquid on the market. It’s also the best e-liquid to use if you have an ultra low output atomizer. In the Naked 100 line, this e-liquid is one of the brand’s most popular offerings.

The best part about this e-liquid is that it comes in a 30ml dropper bottle. The Naked 100 brand is synonymous with quality and this particular juice is no exception.

Mint Nic Salt

Nic salts are a type of nicotine e-liquid that is extracted from the natural leaf of the tobacco plant. These e-liquids provide a faster, more satisfying nicotine hit. They are a safer alternative to freebase nicotine, which can be harsh on the throat.

While nic salts can be more expensive, they are also more effective than freebase. They are less harsh on the throat, and do not leave a harsh aftertaste. The downside is that they do not work well with coils that are below 1.0 ohm. This makes them unsuitable for sub-ohm tanks. However, they are a great way to get a quick nicotine fix when you need it.

American Patriots

Naked 100’s American Patriots Salt is a classic tobacco flavor that delivers the same rich vaping experience as the analog cigarette. This e-liquid is made with high-quality ingredients and nicotine salts, ensuring it is both authentic and enticing. It is the perfect choice for smokers looking to switch to a vaporizer, or for those with a hankering for a nicotine fix.

Although a bit of a cult favorite, the Naked 100 e-liquid line has a few standouts, including their American Patriots Salt nicotine salt e-liquid. They offer two nicotine strengths, Bold35 and Bold50. The nicotine salts used in these e-liquids provide a more robust throat hit, but if you are not into nicotine, you will be more than satisfied with the standard versions.

Naked Salt E-Liquids Review

Green Blast

If you have a taste for exotic flavors then the Green Blast from Naked Salts is the eliquid for you. This fruity vape combines a crisp and tart granny smith apple with a touch of honeydew to deliver a flavor that is fresh and enjoyable.

The Naked Salts Green Blast is a 30 ml bottle of green-tinted eliquid that is sure to satisfy. It has a unique nicotine salt formulation that offers an all-day vape. Also, this nic salt comes in a convenient sized plastic bottle with a child-safe built-in cap. Despite being packed in a small package, this fruity vape is very easy to use.

Very Cool

Naked has taken the classic menthol flavor and added a tropical twist. Their new flavor, Very Cool, is a combination of fresh blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries that will tingle your tongue with a cool blast of menthol.

This nicotine salt flavor is available in two different strengths, 35mg and 50mg. Both are suitable for pod systems and refillable pod mods. The berry flavor is a little tangy with a cooling finish, and it is also sweet.

The NKD 100 Very Cool vape juice is made with an ideal combination of fruits, and is recommended for experienced vapers. It is best to use it with ultra low output atomizers or pod systems, since it has higher nicotine per milliliter than regular e-juice.

Brain Freeze

Naked Salt is a new entrant into the world of e-liquids. It has one major drawback: the nicotine concentration of the liquid is significantly higher than most other brands, meaning it isn’t suitable for use in sub ohm devices. However, it has a few perks. One is that it can be used with pod-based systems. The other is that it uses the same chemical structure as tobacco-derived nicotine, which makes it highly effective and environmentally friendly.

Naked 100’s Brain Freeze is a great way to cool off with a menthol infused fruit medley. This e-liquid provides a refreshing taste of strawberries with a slight menthol kick on the exhale.